The guide to get started serenely in a pub crawl in Paris

One night in the French capital, dancing until it’s over in the best bars in Paris’ Latin Quarter, all this is only a dream for the moment? Then you will be delighted to know the pub crawl Paris that Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours organizes! Take a tour of the Parisian evenings and let yourself be carried away by this festive atmosphere. We guarantee it, with Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours the midnight demons will take you to the end of the night, but especially in Paris!

Explore the nightlife of Paris in one night:

Known as a charming, romantic and majestic city, Paris has nothing to envy from the great metropolises. However, Parisian life is much more entertaining at night! Including in the Latin Quarter where Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours takes you. It is indeed once the sun sets that Parisians are the hottest!

You have to know him to know it, so don’t hesitate any longer and take part in an incredible bar tour and discover the magic of Parisian nights!

Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours offers you the 2019 Barathon, a perfect attraction to discover Paris from an unusual angle and experience an evening without having anything else to think about! Indeed the service takes place in the form of a guided tour, each address welcomes you and everything is planned. All that is left for the participants to do is to enjoy the event calmly. Don’t hesitate any longer and get started!

For that, go to Hong Hop at 25 Rue Frédéric Sauton in Paris from 20:30, the evening starts there! On site, we give you disposable bracelets that will allow you to identify yourself and enjoy all the benefits of the barathon. We will continue the barathon after 21:30 and visit the best sites in the whole area!

During the Paris bars tour, you will have unforgettable encounters. Travellers from all over the world are there and everyone gathers in groups to participate in this extraordinary adventure.

Mark your trip to Paris with Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours:

On the online site, you will access the online ticketing. The ticket is 15€, the reservation is easily accessible on the page!

You will integrate explosive bars and pubs in the area where the groups will mix with the local inhabitants.

With the Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours ticket, shots will be offered in each destination of the barathon. You will also be entitled to discounts and reduced prices on drinks throughout the night.

To join the Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours, you must be over 18 years old, an identity check will be carried out when you subscribe to the services of the Paris 2019 Barathon.

To learn more about the 2019 Barathon and all our evenings:

You can contact our service by phone +33 649 244 407 or by email at Follow us also on twitter, facebook, youtube and instagram so you don’t miss any events!

On the page, a teaser is also available for the most curious. An attractive foretaste that will convince the most hesitant of you!

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