Best Bars In Paris For Students

Finding the best bar as a student in Paris that is not expensive can be a challenge. Not just about the price tag only, but the creativity and interesting factors of the bar. This tricky task most times leaves people with little or no choice other than to settle for whatever they get. Its a good things to do in Paris.

Getting into the top bars sometimes seem a huge challenge, most especially with the overbearing bouncers that do not pay any ear to any form of explanation. 

With a budget as a student, hunting for a good time at a cool ambiance place to have fun, here are some suggestions of where you can go.

Best Bars In Paris For Students
  • Pop-In Bar

Located on 105 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris, Pop In is one of the popular bars with cross culture representation. Well known as a base for young and vibrant souls, there is a large basement for dancing and a signature piano. Obviously, this is for the brave-hearted pianist who wishes to exhibit their talent.

This bar is popular among the Indies living in Paris. The Pop-In bar is relatively cool in the evening with casual sharing of drinks between friends. Of course, these drinks and general experience comes at a pocket-friendly price.

  • Café Oz

This is an Australian owned bar where you can get the best Australian beer. Characteristically, the aboriginal décor of Café Oz is hard to miss. Of course, there is a dance floor if you are in the mood to swing your hip a while.

Located at 18 Rue Saint-Denis, 75001, Paris, Café Oz is one of the best pocket-friendly bars for students in Paris. Mostly, the mood is the early 2000s which is well inspired by the dust-off jams from the Dj’s desk.

  • Chez Georges

Another great nightlife experience is housed at the Chez Georges. Located at 11 Rue des Canattes, 75006 Paris, this nightlife spot brings a totally different kind of vibe of its own. Although a bit tight, this is really no problem once the wine starts flowing and everybody is up vibing to the playlist.

This bar is definitely one of the pocket-friendly bars in Paris for students and tourists alike.

  • The Wall

While out on a Friday night looking for the best experience, the wall is a great place to check out. Located at 51 Rue Lacepede, 75005 Paris, this location is well known as the top choice for expat student.

If you are looking for a cross-culture international presence, you will very well find this at The Wall. With different flags hanging from the ceiling to complement the décor, you can surely swing by to enjoy a drink with the other people.

  • Yellow Mad Monkey

This is a famous American bar located at 8Rue de Lappe, 75011 Paris; this walk-in bar will surely welcome you to the ever-buzzing bastille locale.

The Anglophone crowd and its tropical canopy do well to create a fine environment to enjoy a good time.

Wrapping It Up

Above are some of the famous places you can be sure to get the best experience as a student in Paris. With pocket-friendly price tags and great put together experiences, the tricky part is to relax and catch your cruise to the fullest.

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